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from distrust and envy free

Quiet, Lord, my froward heart,* Make me teachable and mild, Upright, simple, free from art, Make me as a weanèd child: From distrust and envy free, Pleased with all that pleases Thee. What Thou shalt today provide, Let me as … Continue reading

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how sweet the name of Jesus sounds

How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds In a believer’s ear! It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, And drives away his fear. It makes the wounded spirit whole, And calms the troubled breast; ’Tis manna to the hungry soul, … Continue reading

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a gift left in the mailbox

She slipped the CD into my mailbox and drove away. When I found her gift, I cried quiet tears. For to be remembered by her, a gifted musician, with a gift of music, spoke to me of Jesus’ love for … Continue reading

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these inward trials

Why these inward trials, Lord? Why not instantly subdue my sin with the mighty wave of Your hand? Why not deal softly with my treasured designs for a safe and secure life? Why not allow your child even a bit … Continue reading

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