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when money (and what it buys) becomes your scorecard

“How do you know that money isn’t just money to you? Here are some of the signs. You can’t give large amounts of it away. You get scared if you might have less than you’re accustomed to having. You see … Continue reading

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Does God know what you need Him to withhold?

The sentence is there, tucked into Ryle’s explanation of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. It’s a short sentence. But the statement comes to mind when I’m in a conversation with someone who yearns for beautiful earthly goods, or when a … Continue reading

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career callings and 17th century advice

I’m steeling myself for the fast-approaching day when our second child will pack her last box and drive away. A different address will become hers. A different life, one not under our roof, will become hers. When our first daughter … Continue reading

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a hard time leaving all this

A wealthy plantation owner invited John Wesley to his home. The two rode their horses all day, seeing just a fraction of all the man owned. At the end of the day the plantation owner proudly asked, “Well, Mr. Wesley, … Continue reading

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Do my possessions cause you to stumble?

Tough questions to ask ourselves: Would my accumulation of possessions cause a Christian sister to stumble in her faith? Would she leave my home and have to work through covetous thoughts, or, having seen all my belongings, leave with questions … Continue reading

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