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Why does change in my child (for good) happen so slowly?

Lots of days I’ve felt lost as a parent. You’ve probably felt the same. Even on days when we feel confident that the guidance we’ve given our child is the kind that leads to healthy heart-change, we can still toss … Continue reading

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A mother’s wings

Someone once called me “one of those  sheltering moms.”  It was years ago when my ears took that phrase in, and my mind disseminated her meaning, and my heart later wrestled through the phrase’s implications.  My children were young, and … Continue reading

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As a weaned child

Do you know Pablo Picasso’s Mother and Child?  In the years after his first child’s birth, Picasso sketched a series of drawings and then painted numerous versions of the same scene.  The piece captures a sense of quiet joy, of … Continue reading

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